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Duty free alcohol

To buy alcohol in duty-free without extra charges is quite a reasonable wish. And that makes sense, because a bottle of Italian vermouth or champagne Martini Asti can become a luxury present or a fundamental start of a business dinner. The price is democratic, but not always a favorite bottle is present on a store shelf. For this purpose, an online showcase service was created - Online showcase duty-free – is a catalog of alcohol and tobacco products that may be available in one of the company's real stores. They are located at the airports of major cities, as well as at border checkpoints.

Alcohol catalogue in duty free and special offers

Special offers from MyDutyFree or everything that is user-friendly for customers

Today, duty free alcohol has an official website that allows you to save your time. At the airport you always do not have enough time, because you need to do a lot of things. The best solution is to use the pre-order service and be sure that in a particular airport store a block of Camel Blue and a couple of bottles of semisweet champagne "Martini Asti" will be waiting for you. This is a good offer from the service, but there are the other.

Order fine spirits from duty free at a discount

Online showcase service MyDutyFree offers:

  • to study the ragne (catalog) of alcohol at the duty-free store. At the airport there is not enough time for this, and sometimes you have to buy what you see. The catalog of products is constantly updated and refilled, so you can see every product at a time convenient to you with the help of a laptop or by using a mobile application;
  • full information about changes in terms of purchase of goods. The price for a bottle of alcohol in duty free varies, getting acquainted with new prices will allow you to plan your own expenses in advance;
  • "features", that help you to save your money. This is not only promotional codes, sales, but also discounts. Registered customers have a standard discount of 7% for a preliminary choice. It turns out that fine spirits from duty-free will cost even less!

Prices for alcohol in duty free at Borispol airport

To buy alcohol without any fuss in duty free at one of the airports of Ukraine means to save your money and be confident that the manufacturer is original. You have just to choose a brand!

How to communicate with the service: tips in the form of filters

Duty free (without taxes) stores may change prices for alcohol. Therefore, the service informs about the current price. On the day of your departure it can be changed, therefore, at the store you will have to pay declared price.

The range and price for alcohol in duty free

Buying fine spirit of a certain brand in duty free is as follows:

  • register on the website of the service of online store showcase;
  • select goods and check out;
  • receive a confirmation letter on your email;
  • pass passport control;
  • pick up and pay for your order at a cash desk.

At the same time, the price for selected alcohol is determined on the day of your departure. The rules of duty-free import of alcohol and tobacco products into different countries may differ. Spend a few minutes to read the rules - and no one will take away your gifts that you take with you. Welcome to!

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