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Duty Free perfume

More than a half of the clients of duty-free shops come there just searching for high-quality perfumes. They are inconvenient to carry across the border in the baggage, and you can take a limited amount of liquids in the plane. Nevertheless, this product group is considered to be the most profitable and sought-after for duty-free trade. The reason is that duty-free perfumery is not subject to customs duties, and convenient packages with the inscription ‘duty-free’ are allowed to bring them on board without any restrictions.

How to choose and buy a perfume in duty-free?

It is also important that all duty-free perfumes are 100% original, so you can buy expensive niche flavors without any doubt without a risk of getting a fake. On the photos on the official duty-free showcase website, you can view all the details of the packaging, the bottle, get acquainted with the pyramid of fragrances, choose the spirits of certain brands and the required volumes. This will help you to make a choice without leaving home and wasting time on doubts at the airport.

The Internet features duty-free fragrances from various shops and collections, so you can find any existing perfume based on your preferences, as well as make pleasant surprises for your relatives and friends.

What to look for when choosing a fragrance from the duty-free perfumery catalog?

  • Type of fragrance

    This is the first thing to look at when choosing duty-free perfumes. They can be oriental, fresh, water, green, citrus, floral, wood, wine, spicy or leather. Look closely at those spirits that you already have to decide which type of perfume you prefer.

  • Top notes, heart notes and base notes

    These three types of notes will help you to choose the composition that will maximally opens up on your skin and affect your mood first of all. As you know, during the day the smell changes. By these notes you will determine how it will smell at the beginning, what nuances will be basic, what shades will accompany you at the end of the day.

  • Volume

    Basically, perfumery duty-free shops offer a choice of different volumes of eau de parfum or de toilette. If you buy perfume for the first time, it is best to choose a small bottle or take several different fragrances with a volume of 30-50 ml, but if you are already confident in your choice, it is more profitable to buy the maximum version.

After you have made a decision, you can use the duty-free perfume pre-selection function on the site of the MyDutyFree Internet-showcase. This will help you to save time and avoid long waiting for goods in lines. You just need to mark the right positions from the duty-free perfume catalog, show your ticket or boarding pass, and then pick up your purchases from the airport duty-free.

MyDutyFree - official perfumery on the internet

On the Internet pages of the duty-free perfume website, you will see all available promotions and will be able to receive information on the most profitable offers in the ‘blog’ section. In addition, seasonal discounts and profitable promotions are often distributed to the duty-free perfume in Boryspil.

Perfumes in duty-free of Boryspil airport

As you can see, duty-free perfumery is available to everyone, because the prices are low enough, and the assortment allows you to find the perfect smell for any taste. Choose high-class fragrances of famous brands at low prices and spend time after check-in at the airport for the benefit!

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